Wednesday, September 2, 2015

'Dance Moms' Scare: Bomb Squad Called In After Postal Officials ...

‘Dance Moms' Bomb Scare

A child star from the Dance Moms cast was the target of five suspicious packages that a bomb squad disposed of on Tuesday in Pittsburgh, has learned.

Police were swarming the property of the Abby Lee Dance Company in Pittsburgh, WTAE reported Wednesday, after the suspect packages had been intercepted and tagged at a Murrysville, Penn. post office.

In the wake of the discovery, the Allegheny County bomb squad worked on diffusing the situation all day and night Tuesday, using a water cannon to dismantle the packages. No bombs were discovered, officials said.

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Postal inspector Tammy Mayle that the bomb squad was alerted after postal workers reported they were leery of the packages.

“They contained items that were inappropriate for minors — harassing, stalking items,” Mayle told WTAE. Among the items retrieved included a blanket with an image of Elvis Presley on it, a blanket with tribal patterns, multiple letters, a coffee machine and a scrapbook, sources told the station.

Investigators have determined the identity of the sender as a man from California (whose name wasn’t released), according to Mayle, who noted that authorities “are looking to have this individual prosecuted through the U.S. Attorney’s Office.”

The target of the packages is not a Pennsylvania native, officials said.



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