Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sunrunner - Heliodromus -

Sunrunner - Heliodromus

Sunrunner - Heliodromus

Maine’s heavy metal and hard rock stalwarts Sunrunner play an emotionally driven brand of heavy metal with progressive and hard rock influences within their songs for good measure.

Imagine for a second, a crazy pairing of Danzig and the now defunct World Of Silence, and you’ve “Heliodromus”, with its progressive guitar parts and vocals very reminiscent of Danzig and Elvis Presley, but with more of a modern metal edge. There are quite a few unique song arrangements, which feature progressive melodic leads to the more mellow synth parts, which just make you drown in your own emotional madness.

Sunrunner surely displays the ability to get your mind in the thought-provoking mode, with their diverse style of heavy metal meets progressive hard rock. A plus on this 9-tracker is, that none of the songs here sound alike, which is what adds to a bands credibility of being topnotch songwriters and musicians alike. This quintet give it their all on “Heliodromus”, especially on the ten minute plus title track: “Heliodromus”, showcasing it’s clean guitar picking technique along with the diverse array of musical styles ranging from heavy metal to progressive rock to hard rock. The melodic leads on this song go very well with the crunchy rhythms that are mildly played and leave the listener much breathing room to absorb all its greatness.

The album almost clocks in at an hour, and features different musical styles and influences, all of which encompass the heavy metal and hard rock genres. Highly recommended for listeners into heavy metal, doom metal, hard rock and progressive metal.    Minotauro Records      Sarjoo Devani

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