Monday, November 10, 2014

Madonnas Clothing Auctioned During ?Ico | OMAHA NEWS

Katherine De Guzman – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Beverly Hills, CA, United States (4E) – Madonna just had her clothes from her videos, films and even her wedding dress auctioned over the weekend at a two-day even in California.

Julien’s Auctions has reported that the collection of dresses and outfits of the pop icon has raised over $3.2 million as bidders came from all parts of the world. The event was called “Icons and Idols: Rock n’ Roll” auction and was held in Beverly Hills from Friday through Saturday.

The outfits that were sold included her gown that she stole from the music video of “Material Girl”, which was sold for $73, 125. The next outfit was her own wedding dress she wore when she married Sean Penn back in 1985. The item was reportedly sold at $81,250.

Her gown from the hit film “Evita” was sold for $15,000 and her uniform from “A League Of Their Own” was sold at $31, 250. A dress from the star’s “Who’s That Girl” tour sold at $50,000.

The highest sold item was her jacket from the movie “Desperately Seeking Susan”, which amounted to $252, 000. Also from the same movie, the earring she wore was sold at $34, 375.

The event also auctioned items from other artists such as Michael Jackson, Cher and The Beatles. There were bidders who bought items such as a pair of spectacles from John Lennon, which was sold at $25,000 and a ring worn by Elvis Presley was also sold at $57,600.


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