Friday, September 18, 2015

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It is not really all that often that a business comes along that completely transcends the way that things are done. Many businesses deal with things that have existed for years and have become a matter of practicality more than anything else. As a result, it is a rare occasion that a business is developed that has its entire foundation rooted in something that was never even thought possible only a few short years ago. One such business is Pulse Evolution. This is the company that creates holograms for live performances. Essentially, the company makes digital human beings and puts them on stage to perform as if they were still alive. They have previously done this with popular stars such as Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley. More importantly, they were able to make it believable. People felt as though they were watching the real thing, not a holographic image.

IMDB tells the company has seen a lot of success in a very short amount of time. As a result, it recently announced its plans to become listed on the national stock exchange and to upgrade its listing. The company has admittedly used a conservative approach when it comes to the stock exchange, as the corporation itself is still in its infancy. Leaders at the company understand how important it is to approach this type of technology in a rather slow and systematic fashion in order to balance the enormous costs that are associated with developing the technology itself with the profits that are brought in from the handful of national performances that the company has done thus far.

Much of the company’s success can be attributed to its CEO, John Textor. This is an individual that has an innovative sense of vision that is capable of taking the company to the highest possible levels. He tempers that vision with a conservative approach that exemplifies the need to take things rather slowly, at least in the initial stages. Essentially, he understands the importance of getting prominent financial backing for such an expensive business venture, as well as working to develop both the practicality aspect and the reputation of the company. It is this type of vision that is allowing Pulse Evolution to become so popular in the first place.

There is virtually no limit to the level of success that the company can eventually achieve. As the technology becomes more mainstream, the cost of producing it will automatically begin to decrease. This in turn will make it more economical for the company to develop a wide variety of holographic images that can be used in all types of performances. The truth is, this technology is something that can carry audiences well into the future. There are virtually no limitations to what can eventually be accomplished.


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