Monday, October 13, 2014

Virtual Revolution | Emperor's Weblog

by paulhunterzaid

Zengotita argues that the opposite of reality is not phony or superficial, it’s optional. We choose between options to determine who we are, to make statements to the world about who we are. We have become method actors, constantly flattered. Deception is alluring because it is the inherent condition of the “flattered-self”. So we seek new ways of satisfying ourselves. Recently, I was in Las Vegas where I realize that every resort/casino is built from a copied environment/location of a real place/city/building. These resorts hope to transport its guest to a make-believe place within a fantasy world of gambling, lights, attractive female cocktail waitress’ offering free drinks to its guests.

I realize that I fully enjoy this experience and have no qualms about my participation. I recently starting learning Photoshop and assembled an amateur composite photo. After our class discussion I took a look at the photo and realized that I am an actor, or character, especially in Las Vegas. The fantasy world has made me, a relatively simple, and down to earth person become an actor who chooses to flatter myself by the colorful “Vegas” outfits that I choose to wear, including the official Elvis Presley sunglasses. I’m not upset by my actions, just simply more aware of the world that we live and the actions that I choose to make. Apparently what happens in Vegas, doesn’t stay in Vegas.

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