Friday, October 24, 2014

The Blogabout Post | dyke writer

My original blog was about my garden and morphed into home and entertaining, entertainment reviews (especially Elvis), then atheist and political essays.

My first blog was Random Ntrygg and then became Nina’s Garden.

Random Visitors

Around the same time, I spun off 2 more blogs.

A Peg Bracken/Erma Bombeck/Martha Stewart inspired “It’s a Good Enough Thing” which morphed into “Living Well”

Wellness and Dopamine Hits

My attempt to regain my sense of humour with The Shut In Stand Up and continuing on as Lezzie Bruce on this blog.


I came across both a box of handwritten poetry and a wordprocessing file where I had begun the transfer process became Confessions of a Teenaged Poet.

I am pleased to be reminded by my younger self about what matters.

Wandering Souls

The last blog, was the part of me that I struggle with the most.

Something I had done as an impromptu workshop and …

the original Lezflirt Blog and the current Lezflirt page on this blog.

And. as part of my recovery process I got to draw on my least used skills.

the ones I learned at the Vancouver Film School

where dreams went to die


The Late News from