Sunday, October 12, 2014

Day 20-23 Memphis, Tennessee | Adventures of Carol and Bill

Departing Graceland RV Park, we visited Elvis’ 1st “big” home. He paid $40,000 for it. It’s been sold 2 times over (the last time, just shy of $1 million) and each new buyer kept the inside in the same “retro” style that it was when Elvis lived there.

We stopped at St. Jude’s Children’s Research Center/Hospital but were not allowed to tour the inside. There was a special celebration for the children going on.

I’ve always admired Danny Thomas and helped raise money for St. Jude’s when I was growing up. It was great to actually see the building

And the peaceful garden where he and his wife, Rose Marie, are buried.

At 11 a.m. every day, the “Peabody Ducks” are brought from the hotel penthouse

Down the elevator to the lobby where they swim in the fountain until 5 p.m., when they are taken back up to the penthouse.

The anticipation of everyone waiting the ducks is quite a sight.

Before lunch, we stopped at the Tom Lee (1885-1952) Park along the Mississippi River. In 1925, Lee witnessed a steamboat capsizing in the swift current. Although he could not swim, he rescued 32 people in his 28 ft. skiff. Because of his efforts only 23 people died.

And we passed by the Lorraine Hotel, where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was killed as he stood on the balcony in 1968.

After lunching at one of Elvis’s favorite places (his booth was filled as always), we visited Beale Street, quite the street in its heyday from the 1890s through to the 1960s; where General Ulysses S. Grant had a Civil War headquarters and returned years late to speak as President; where President Dwight Eisenhower visited; where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. marched, where BB King and Elvis Presley got their starts.

Visiting the famous Beale Street

Where we saw “flippers”


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