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The Talon : The Identical doesn't live up to it's potential

September 14, 2014 • 3 views

The Identical went to theaters last Friday and although I didn’t mind seeing this movie, it wasn’t a movie I’d see again.

Once the movie was over, I didn’t feel any different from when it started. Movies are meant to make you look at the world in a different way and learn something and this was something The Identical was lacking in. It didn’t have a moral or lesson I was supposed to learn, which made the movie almost pointless to watch.

The movie starts when two identical twin boys are separated at birth because their parents couldn’t care for both of them because they are in the midst of the Great Depression. Both twins try to become rock and roll singers.

Drexel Hemsley, played by Blake Rayne, succeeds at being a singer. Meanwhile Ryan Wade, the twin that was given away, also played by Rayne, struggles with his love for music and pleasing his father who believes Ryan’s future is following his footstep in the church.

The story primarily follows Ryan while Drexel is only seen a handful of times throughout the movie. Although I understand why they only wanted to show the life of the twin who was given away, I would have liked to see the life of Drexel just as much.

Also, it should have not just been their life in their adulthood but them growing up. They should have shown what motivated both of them to pursue a career in music, rather than showing it just somehow happening.

It was an old-time movie taking place in the 30′s and I personally didn’t like this older atmosphere, it made the movie less relatable since it didn’t have a modern feel. Also, the twins look so similar to Elvis Presley that I began questioning if this was a movie about his life. Whether this was the intent or not, it caused a little confusion.

This movie was not terrible. It was not bad enough for me to walk out of the movie theater halfway through, but it was also not a movie I’d care to see again.

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