Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Elvis and his passion for Cadillacs | Fans Pages

A couple of days ago, one of Elvis’s most prized Cadillac cars was sold to a private collector: the 1967 red Coupe de Ville was sold for about $90,000, this being the car in which the King drove to Graceland after marrying Priscilla.

The car is worth all the money: it is in perfect condition and has all the papers which attest that it was the King’s. But, moreover, this is a part of history. This is one of the few Cadillacs he has kept for himself, from the many he has bought. As historians say, Elvis and Cadillacs go hand in hand.

Speaking of history, nothing said more about a man’s social status like buying this car back in the 50’s. If you owned such a magnificent automobile, then everybody would have known how successful you were. It is obvious why this became Elvis’s favorite car: it is estimated that he has bought over 100 Caddies before he died.

Of course, he has kept only a few of them, the 1967 red Coupe de Ville being the one closest to his heart. Otherwise, most of them were given away.

A story even says that a man was admiring the King’s car, so Elvis decided to give him one for himself. Talk about generosity…

Another car made famous by him was a 1955 manufactured Series 60 Cadillac – this is the famous pink car, which has become over the years one of the most iconic and one of the most sought after cars of the decade.

While Ford was indeed selling the car with pink as the standard color, many decided to paint their own automobiles this way. Elvis’s pink Cadillac can now be seen at the Graceland museum.

Given the exorbitant prices with which these old models are sold this day, every week someone pops-up and says that they own a car that belonged to the King. And while most of these claims are untrue, it is estimated that about 200 Cadillacs (besides the ones mentioned in the 3rd paragraph of this article) can be proven to have belonged to him.

If the number of the cars seems a bit high, we can add yet another story about his love for this car. He drove only a few of them, as said, while most of the cars were given away – unsurprisingly, Elvis was buying a dozen cars at a time. One legend says that he purchased 32 Caddies in the same day, only to give them away by the afternoon.

It is easy to see why Elvis is also called The King of Cadillacs.



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